by Giant Angry Bugs

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Giant Angry Bugs is:

Mason Torrez
Patrick Richardson
Lucas Wingfield
LuE Hernandez
Josh Hauhio
Jordon Bolton
Lalo Acosta


released December 10, 2011

Production by Giant Angry Bugs



all rights reserved


Giant Angry Bugs Greeley, Colorado

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Track Name: GiraffeFights
//So it's Mace Windu comin through from the moon
so clear to the vision like a clean night in June
most of these hater's think I don't have it
that I can't back it, that I will never stack it
but I will never try to prove myself to anyone else, but me
the only one to stick around for the long run will be Mason T
kick it with my kin, in the city we be roamin'
that High Life, to the rim where it be foamin'
true team player, cause you always see me pass
they all outta weed so I smoke em out with grass
money hard earned, but easily spent
bought a brand new keg, and still had plenty for rent
live in the momen, but don't be dumb
if you're too hard on yourself your as dead as Dunn

//Lemme paint a perfect picture
ya, I got that Bob Ross flow
gettin' happy high, you can call me Joey Gladstone
catch me starin, lost in though
tryin' to move out my parents'
I'm out here rappin, performin
you are too embarrassed
talkin shit behind our backs
it's moments like this we cherish
Giant Angry Bugs in this bitch like a tampon
no need to turn our swag on, our shit is everlastin'
rollin with the punches
fuck our problems, we just laughin
fuck my job and my bills
I'll pay em with these raps man

//When I get on the mic the beat fears for its life
I'm like a senior citizen gettin' in my car again
runnin red lights, hittin kids on bikes
behind the wheel I'm defining what is real
I linguisticly slash this metaphoric prices
a used car salesman without a license
crackin' open the dash to dial back the mileage
a mic, a beat and my brain these are my devices
hopefully they can get me where I wanna be
but lately it seems like everyone thinks that they know everything and I can't stand it
that's why I keep it green call me Captain Planet
Earth, wind, water, fire, weed is where the Bugs be
you can keep the heart kid, but we'll take his monkey
it can hangout with the one on my back, that won't go away til we finish these tracks.
Track Name: We Didn't Realize
//I just got paid and not afraid to admit it
the only problem, my check consists of double digits
so all y'all critics, money makin's how I spit
I stack it smaller than some fuckin' piggy backin' midgets
little people big world and deep ass pockets
that don't mean shit when you cant afford a wallet
middle class, I got it
these dollars playin tag and forever I'm not it
but really, I don't mind
I'd spend ever penny of it on bow ties
everyday, lookin like Fonzworth
talkin' hundreds of knots if I had Lebron's worth
call me fresh king, of Bel Air
when you see me see you stoppin to stare
fuck that, I'm never gettin that big-headed
the day they say Hey Arnold have me beheaded
YEAH! Marie Antoinetted
so let em eat cake
forget about the givin kids, it's all about the take-take
and we're all in this rat race
but what we didn't realize
we got different finish lines, so all of us in first place

//Always changing destinations, never satisfied
but what they didn't realize
those of us just livin in the moment have arrived
we already arrived
those of us just livin in the moment have arrived

//we didn't realize a thing about this money
as common as a cold it's got all our noses runny
and to me it's quite funny
how we treat each other like an episode of Always Sunny
so we smokin' down Devitos
short and fat is the way we roll
higher fashion than tuxedos
friends so cultured that I had to call em me amigos
I heard money can't buy happines
but I just bought a happy meal
tried to get it super sized
Ronald said are you for real?
told him I'm realer than you clown
let me talk to Grimace
that dude knows how I get down
at a higher elevation, I'm climbin fourteeners
my lungs are tellin me this mountain air's a little cleaner
I'll be on the side with the grass that's greener
I guess that just defines my Colorado demeanor
and as a positive thinker, I signal change with my blinker
don't bottle up problems, pop em in the oven like they were some Shrinker Dinkers

//Always changing destinations, never satisfied
but what they didn't realize
those of us just livin in the moment have arrived
we already arrived
those of us just livin in the moment have arrived
Track Name: Bring Back Casey
//Sunny days
drunken nights
smokin weed and livin life
just another day, just another day

//Never been to Portland, but I know about the green
never been to Portland, but I'm trailblazing
Denver to Portland I'll be traveling
call me 24, I'm Andre Millering
no Philly inbetween
If it's the end of the world then I'm tailgating
on that 2012 shit
pursuin happiness
I'll hitch a ride with Will Smith, Fresh Prince, Apocalypse
til I am legend
everybody talkin bout they end of the world
apocalypse when though?
Apocalypse Now flow
call it Marlon Brando
If you throw a party bro
and Giant Angry Bugs show
you better cancel, before we have the dance floor screamin'

//This is to all my homies who survived the rapture
and to all the haters out there who said I can't rap,
sure I can
this land is our land from Colorado to Portland
this beat is the quick sand
eat you in one portion
I get tired of the run of the mill
emcee Jack and there's emcee Jill
talkin' bout how they gonna spend 10 mill
I hope you break your neck, down that hill
Imma gettin' tired of these human beings
Bugs save the world not Captain Amazing

//No I don't smoke weed
update to newsfeed
Facebook, in the cut like captain hook
I can fly, I can fly, holy shit I can fly
Shut the fuck up Mason, your not that high
Now dont get me wrong, I don't hate weed
i just like to get drunk and fuck anything with ovaries
but friends they be gettin more green than the hulk
they buy so many lighters they should buy em in bulk
Giant Angry Bugs, beer chugs, and free hugs
parties with the sweet smell of weed nugs
we party too hard and now are tongues can't taste
I need to go home and give my toilet a warm embrace
I fall asleep, wake up for round 2
I turn around surprised to see Curly Sue me, for lovin my life
This partyin' shit's too infectious, snake bites

//Sunshine sunshine all up in my mind
on that Rado bud and you know it's always kind
sortin out my meds, headin up to Portland
sell two O's spend it all on court, man
Frolfs what I'm playin
Girls what I'm layin
Bugs on the swarm, no OFF needs sprayin
West Nile flow, this shit's too sick
only cure is two 40's of Mick
Easy, not too fast girl, please me
All them rappers at it, please don't call me Meezy
Swag me out in a mother fuckin time machine
Snapbacks, but none of my home team
Off the Wall, Vans got my lace on
fuck Earl, somebody free Mason
Track Name: GAB//DGAF
//We keep it simple like household appliances
GiraffeFight alliances
I don't know about god, but I believe in sciences
defiance is reliable for gettin attention
this incorrect shit will be my lesson
and did I mention,
Giant Angry Bugs keeps it high and tight
like tube socks and botox
so go cop some more rocks
so you can get to kickin em like field goals
and we'll be kickin extra points
that's 7 to 3
and that's winning to me
no bugs on the bench just bugs on the field
and I'm throwin this wrench in the machines you wield
When I made this beat I knew I sealed the deal
this is that Giant Angry Feel
that always keepin it real
that death to the lame shit
even if I dont smoke, man I'm still passin it
even when I dont rap, man I'm still passionate
beats gettin better, but I still haven't mastered it
not your regular rapper shit
but i'm still a bastard, bitch
my mom got sick and my dad just quit
if he called it anything else, I'd call him a liar
my mom's no longer sick, but my souls on fire
I'm confused, I'm confused I don't know what to do
Because being a good person is harder than I thought
the only thing that helps is hearin that beat drop.

//Imma G.A.B and I D.G.A.F

//Mason Mason, I just kicked the beat now it's up to you
Yo, what I gotta do?
You gotta kill the beat man
Patrick Patrick, this what I'm gonna do
What you gonna do, dude?
I'm gonna kill this beat that was made by you

We're here for a good time
tell me what you oughta think
We takin it to the top
with little under half a tank
pessimistic, you can keep that with your empty cup
I'm on the Up side of things with Kevin and Dug
legendary bug flow
like the great bambino
if you're gonna miss my show
there wont be no Tivo
Reno Reno, 911
call the cops if there's such thing as too much fun
I got one felony for not givin a fuck
I got two felonies for havin too much fun
and I'm lookin at life cause my grind is off the meter
over the top of your head, under aquafina
Little known fact, yeah my dad had a brat
but not with mom, he was trimmin someone else's lawn
that fuck for a brother changed my life forever
if you ask if it happened
i'll forget and say never
on the lighter side of things, I keep this train full runnin'
she's full speed ahead and soon you know I will be cummin'
gross, that's nasty
Mason, you sick
I'm just sayin, I'm just sayin that bitch, life's on my dick
and that pearl neckless is what she'll soon lick

//Imma G.A.B and I D.G.A.F
Track Name: Of Age
//More than machinery, we need humanity
More than cleverness, we need kindness
Without these qualities life will be violent
All will be lost

Let us fight for a world of reason
A world where science and progress will lead to all men's happiness
In the name of democracy, let us all unite
Track Name: Words
//This pain in my brain hasn't stopped in days
I blame it on my mouth cause every time I speak
the words that reach my teeth never compare to the concepts I think
my mouth can't translate what I wanna say
and my head spins, as this matter turns grey
my thoughts are erased, my minds picture replaced
with hollow words and an insignificance
the feeling of a great idea is fleeting
as I lose the meaning in the circuitry
the root of a theory lies so deep
when it reaches the surface the meaning seems cheap
there aren't enough words to explain our condition
there aren't enough words to begin a description
but if we can find a way to relate
we can bridge the gap that our language creates
//"You're some kind of"
Giant Angry Patrick, whiter than The Black Keys
About to Attack & Release on this beat
Gonna make your ears bleed, radio Disney
Flying through the air with some history, kinda like a hand-me-down frisbee
this beat is quickly becoming minced meat, school lunch, disgusting
At college, failing a class or three, but I'm intelligent
You don't gotta quiz me
I don't mean to flaunt, but I'm an idiot...
"You're some kind of"
Savant, call me make-it-rain-man
I can make it rain, man
Not talkin' bout a mother fuckin rain dance
Giant Angry Bugs on that no-money-no-problem shit
Numbers in my wallet small and green like a goblin's dick
This hip-hop game is fixed and I'm calling it
Atleast they lie about shit that matters in politics
Swag rap rookies, this is a warning, we see your front
Filibust the beat until it gives me what I want
No we're not passing any fucking bills today
The only transaction I'm making is for the bills I gotta pay
And none of them are for gold fronts or a face tat
And in six months you're gonna wish you could erase that...
Ice cream cone because it looks fucking stupid, you dumb mother fucker
Say hi to the Baha Men when you fall off, cause I just let the fucking dogs out
Track Name: Let's Walk
//It all seems the same
the formula for hip hop and the line it draws
you have to choose a side, depending on your cause
but I say fuck that and now I make bug rap
if your gettin lectured by conscious hip hop
or gettin lied to by fake swag rap
it's all one thing, entertainment
an easy escape, for your brain quick
and if you take it as law than you've already lost
make your own moves, disregard the cost
fuck your secretary and be your own boss

//I'm complex bug in a human body
and I could give a fuck about drivin a Bugatti
cause if it gets me there comfortably
that's all I need
that's all I need
and I can get there, comfortably with some weed
so let's walk

//We don't need an ipod, we could sing our own shit
Let's walk walk

//Nice weather today, I think I'll take a walk
cause it's been too long since me and nature had a talk
ask her how the birds and bugs are doin
congratulations on all the beautiful flowers bloomin'
take my first steps outside squint my eyes
know I shouldn't stare direct, but that suns so hypnotizin'
got me realizin, left foot right foot
I got my stride from Dr. Suess
even taught me what to do when my shoe lace is loose
which it is, gotta take a knee
but not religiously
'cause this world in front of me
It's enough for me
put my faith in human beings
loop, swoop and pull
now I'm off to distant places
hard to make connection with all these resistant faces
eyes to the ground as you pass don't make a sound
how did this suburb take on traits of a ghost town?
well, pull my pants up, a little too much saggin'
considered an adult, but I still like to imagine
walkin down the street and pretendin to fight dragons
dodge a breath a flames now I'm bout to put the stab in
save the day, I'm a hero that's me
in my mind the people cheerin, but outside I'm crazy
they wanna medicate me
stopped in my tracks by a cop about to tase me
excuse me sir, have you been drinkin are you high?
told him bout my business I was just tryin to mind
how'd you like a jay walkin ticket? was his reply
or perhaps a disturbin the peace fine?
yeah, police brutality's a crime
but not one that will be recognized at this time
asked me if I had a valid walkin permit
to operate your feet you need proof of insurance
tried another route
no, you can't walk here either
to occupy this space you gotta pay the meter
so by the time I arrived at the local park
I was flat broke, it was pitch dark

//Just walk
we don't need an ipod
come fuck with GiraffeFights
we can sing our own songs
giant angry bug bites