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Track Name: GiraffeFights Part Deux (Prod. By The WhiteRussian)
//You're bitchin about losin
While I'm makin a movement
Don't tell me how to do it
This rap game's translucent
Hologram Tupac killin many tangible rappers
This shit is too soft
If you think I'm gonna balk
Than you got me dead wrong
My words pierce teflon
Bullet proof King Kong
Dead when I sing songs
9/11 Vietnam
Hip Hop Atomic Bomb
I'll stay so calm
That you'll question my morals
The top is overrated when you've already made it
Giraffes at every station
Everyone in their places
Other fools just fakin
Their discogs are vacant
You're bitchin about losin
While I'm makin a movement

//Summers spent swimming
Reading books and living
Music is a given
Music is a given

//16 Bars
12 Assists
That's a double double with this bug rap shit

//Why go hard in the motherfuckin paint
When I've been sinkin 3's all day?

//Music is a given
Track Name: The Truth ft. Golden Teacher
//So tell me what on Earth has happened
Have we all forgot the message?
We have often talked about this
One love above that saves us from ourselves
So while you're on the road ahead
Please reserve your judgment
Define the means that lead beliefs to seek only salvation for ourselves
Cause I don't think we deserve it
Persecute those that believe different
Could it be that God's indifferent?
When you choose to
Let compassion guide your life
That's how I feel inside
Then maybe all that dies
Can be deserving of an afterlife

//And I heard em say
That I would never find the truth
Without you

//You could look left
You could look right
But if you really look, it's all the same side
They told me to make up my mind
But the polarizing polarizing really isn't overriding anything
It's gotten worse, we've lost our worth, a hollow hearse
We must immerse ourselves in each other, to recover
And the truth is a noose when you twist it and use it
For your own delusions
It must be amusing to think that what you're doing
Is helping anyone but yourself
But we'll bury the gold and burn all the money
And you'll be hungry and it won't be so funny
We'll crash the poll booths and start our own coup
And the lines that you drew will start to strangle you
We are not with you
That is the issue
You can't take it with you
And that's the truth

//And I heard em say
That I would never find the truth
Without you