by Ennui

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I hope you can relate to these six songs.
Above all else I was trying to be honest.
These beats and words are my attempted cure for the human condition.

Empathy could save the world.


released December 2, 2012




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Giant Angry Bugs Greeley, Colorado

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Track Name: Alterity
We're all theory and no action.
Track Name: One Set (Sunsets)
Never in my life have I picked a fucking side
Watch as I ride passed the bandwagons
Until I can fly and avoid them completely
It's easy to defeat he who doesn't acknowledge losses
But it's hard to defeat me because I learn from my losses
I stay on topic
I disregard the boss shit
My logic is awesome
You can call me a prophet
You slave to the profits
Fuck your right to speak
You lost it you novice
Your voice is a coffin
I'm just watching, waiting, exhausted

//The sunset is best right before it ends
Reset the darkness so I can try again

//I'm just a nineties baby choking on the twenty-first century
It's gonna be the death of me obvi
But I ain't looking for no sympathy
Because mentally I'm on some too advanced shit
And when I learn to control it
Imma share my gift
And me and my Giraffes are gonna drive that whip
That metaphoric whip to the top of the cliff
That metaphoric cliff
Not to look down, but to gain some perspective
Not to get high, but to teach you a lesson
It's time for some progression

//The sunset is best right before it ends
Reset the darkness so I can try again
//The plants don’t take advantage of their living status. If given the chance to shake off this dust I would embrace my surroundings. If given the chance to unplug myself I would rule the planet. The old man sits and looks at the world with his tiny eyes. His back is against the wall and he knows not what he holds. Apathy is cultivated; it does not emerge suddenly in the night. If only he knew what he holds. If only I could tell him. If only I knew.

//The control room is lit by an image of the moon
Solitude looms, I'll be taking off soon
I'd bring you with, but my ship can't lift
Your 80 inch plasma screen bullshit

//Talent shows, egos, and big bright lights
That's what I'm leaving behind
Big mouths, bright sounds, and ugly little words
That's what I really don't like
Ugly fame, little brains, and too many lies
That's what I'm leaving behind
2 sides, many lives, a misguided people
I'm headed for that hype free life

//I'm counting down the days
Track Name: Stop the Bleeding
//Tonight I’m a nihilist
And imma file all my feelings away and defile shit
I disregard the hieroglyphs, religion, history and sciences
I am sick of all the biasedness
I will not comply with it
Tell me what is worse, acting like you care, or being up front with it.
I find no comfort in acting like a mannequin, smiling thought panicking
The lights are on. There’s no static in your attic,
But you’d rather be a fraud,
Because it’s easy just to nod
The thoughts that you got keep you up at night
Because it’s hard to rely on another life
Conversing is disturbing because it’s hurting you internally

//Stop the bleeding

//And I’m afraid that I can’t
my hands are tied back
Insomnia attacks as my lips turn blue
If only I could breathe these thoughts into you
I could come to
And these colors that I drew would vivid again
I could live it again It’d be simple again
But worst of all is the personal
Because I don’t have the balls to tell it to your face
To erase these doubts
I got these dark thoughts that would scare the neighbors
But the only way to drop them is to write them down on paper
Behavior, absent
Savior, absent

//Stop the bleeding

//Coagulate my brain and let me find a place inside where I can sleep at night.
Track Name: Ugly Human News (Depersonalization Disorder)
//Hello. Hello. My name’s Ennui
I’m a bottomless pit and I don’t really give a shit about most things
I was handed this gift that I wish I could kick
I got this knack for noticing hypocrisy and noticing the bullshit
My mental is mocking me, my mental is the culprit
Where are my emotions?
They’re buried under snowdrifts
I cannot focus
This life is a board game, but I will not fold it
The heaviest of thoughts are the most potent
I keep going back to that same old trick
Ignorance is bliss (but you're a smart kid)
I keep going back to that old bullshit
Ignorance is bliss, and you can kiss my dick.

//Burdens, burdens, so many burdens, but are they only burdens because I recognize them?

//The folks in the front might as well get their money back
The hype got the best of them and I’m just spitting on their hands
That’s twenty grand, funny man
Pull it from your money bag
The running back is running bad
And I don’t have a back up plan
The line out is long, but I’ll keep you company
You won’t breathe comfortably
Because nothing’s free, except the truth
But you don’t trust it because it’s got old shoes
But it’ll run up on you
And fuck the glass tube
Because camera crews
Pick and choose what’s news
When in reality I’m reality
Ugly human news

//I’m choking on cold air, because I don’t believe in ghosts
It’s hard to quit drinking when you need to raise a toast
Cynics laugh the hardest, but we also hurt the most
Track Name: The Cast ft. Emily Plage
//Every time I close my eyes
I am taken by surprise
If you put me on blast
I’ll change the cast
If you put me on blast
I’ll change the cast so fast

//I was sipping on a Mick getting well pissed
When the Nuggets beat the Knicks
Number seven is a bitch
For that orange and blue squad
I ain’t talking Elway. What?
You well payed? Well, I’m self made
You got 2 Chainz in your driveway?
I got Wu Tang on the highway
Third forty, pass it to me please
Take a big drink until it’s ninety degrees
Alcoholism, that’s a disease
But alcohohol with them, that’s what I need
Giraffes, we’re long in the neck
So we can see past you and your set
And that’s the difference between you and me
I spit the truth and you got fake teeth
That’s the difference between you and me
I spit the truth and you lie through your teeth

//Every time I close my eyes
I am taken by surprise
If you put me on blast
I’ll change the cast
If you put me on blast
I’ll change the cast so fast

//Flags at half-mast when you fuck with my Giraffes
Prepare a life raft
Flags at half-mast when you put me on blast
Prepare two life rafts
He exploded through the front door like C4
I knew I’d seen him before, probably from the seafloor
“There’s about to be a double homicide in your momma’s ride
Point blank through the driver’s side
Two life sentences, that’s a comma splice
And it’s all fake drums like the drummer lied
When I come alive people die.”
My head is a gun and bullets are the message
If you suppress it, I’ll get defensive
Not to mention, I don’t even know you, dude

//Every time I close my eyes
I am taken by surprise
If you put me on blast
I’ll change the cast
If you put me on blast
I’ll change the cast so